O.M.G ClubHouse is addictive!

credit: https://imgflip.com/i/4xeq1i

You guessed it! I’m going to talk about THE Clubhouse.

A little bit back story: I saw clubhouse popularity among some of my friends around Jan 2021. I was quite hesitant and skeptical of joining ClubHouse train for the main reason of data privacy and wasn’t really convinced of an idea of “only iPhone user community” and yet this is just another social media I thought.

One late night (3 am-ish) in mid-march, I was in a small telegram group with my fellow data analytic/NLP Myanmars. They asked if I am on the clubhouse. I said no, but I spontaneously asked if I can get invited without any hesitation, unlike the usual time. Anyhow, that’s how I jumped on the clubhouse train. I didn’t really explore much and let it sleep for a few days.

But, I kept getting clubhouse notifications of the possible recommended rooms (I’m guessing they’re from the random people I followed who were suggested in my first step of the clubhouse).

Yet, I got annoyed coz I kept getting notifications and I wanted to mute it, so I navigated in the app. BOOM, I saw some rooms that drew my attention. I joined my first room by putting it in the background while I was doing other stuff one evening.

Haha, and little did I know I got addicted to this thing in the next two days!!! I joined a good amount of rooms ranging from something I know like blockchain, NLP, NFT/conversational ai, to leadership, motivational, and other topics across the globe. I found myself listening to it like a loyal podcast listener. Though this is more engaging, interactive, broader topics, and more accessible.

Damn, I am so amazed how this is. This is super convincing and yet addictive!!! and I forgot about what I was skeptical about before and now make me ponder!!!

Let me know what you think.

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